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16 November, 2010 21:37

” I was brought up in that natural world. As a girl I rember going to the Moana to collect the seaweed for the barrel. Each of us had a job and mine was too take care of the barrel. … Continue reading

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12 November, 2010 10:36

Fish Fertilizer I’m just trying this recipe out Sooo excited about using the fresh fish remains kindly donated from by fisherman neighbour! He thinks I’m a little NUTS! however I’m sure the Kai thats grown will speak for itself! If … Continue reading

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10 November, 2010 15:37

Hua Parakore model is designed to restore and harmonise the consciousness of resource and people. By healing the Whenua you heal the people. Producing a healthy product is a process of neutralising the land so it is free of toxin. … Continue reading

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