who can participate?

We know that our Māori communities have a wide spectrum of needs and Hua Parakore has been developed to meet these needs.

  • Whanau,kura and kohanga, and other whanau/hapu/iwi organisations wanting to grow healthy kai for themselves can join the Hua Parakore programme to access resources, self assessment tools and support.
  • Farmers and growers can sign up for the verification process so they can use the Hua Parakore tohu on their kai for the domestic market.
  • And our Māori investment businesses can add value to their export product through our indigenous and organic certification.

The Hua Parakore kaupapa grows along the kumara vine. Te Waka Kai Ora have Hua Parakore representatives and case study whenua throughout the motu. Get in touch with us or your regional coordinator so we can link you up.

Join the Hua Parakore kaupapa and tautoko our aspiration of tino rangatiratanga o nga hua Maori!


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