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Easy ways to compost

aunties have got it right

It is a blessing that the majority of whanau land around the country has never seen synthetic nitrogen or phosphorous fertilizers suggests Australian soil expert Dr. Christine Jones. Synthetic fertilisers switch off signal systems that the plants naturally use to … Continue reading

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kunekune a gardeners friend

Kunekune pigs are a gardeners friend when it comes to preparing the garden for planting. Kunekunes love rooting up the roots of plants which in turn prepares the ground for planting. The Kunekune pigs happily do their job by eating … Continue reading

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diy fertiliser

Fertilising, we use our own fertiliser that we’ve produced or we might use some dolomite, depending on what we’re planting.  So we use fish, dry fish fertiliser if that’s available, but primarily those are the main ones. How do you … Continue reading

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