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16 November, 2010 21:37

” I was brought up in that natural world. As a girl I rember going to the Moana to collect the seaweed for the barrel. Each of us had a job and mine was too take care of the barrel. … Continue reading

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12 November, 2010 10:36

Fish Fertilizer I’m just trying this recipe out Sooo excited about using the fresh fish remains kindly donated from by fisherman neighbour! He thinks I’m a little NUTS! however I’m sure the Kai thats grown will speak for itself! If … Continue reading

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10 November, 2010 15:37

Hua Parakore model is designed to restore and harmonise the consciousness of resource and people. By healing the Whenua you heal the people. Producing a healthy product is a process of neutralising the land so it is free of toxin. … Continue reading

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Indigenous Knowledge guides Mother Earth

Italy – 24 Oct 10 Today was a day of listening and sharing amongst some of the most important delegates at the 2010 Terra Madre: those who represent the network of indigenous peoples. Fifteen indigenous delegates from countries and regions … Continue reading

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Workshop coming up

Learn more about healthy soils ……and the principles behind ……biological agriculture  Reduce costs  Increase fertiliser efficiencies  Reduce chemical reliance  Grow more nutritious crops? Check it out in this flyer here 16th-17th November Waipukurau Soil Seminar flyer … Continue reading

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Kono for Pure Kai

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Kaanga or corn, can be planted in Whiringa a nuku to Hakihea (October to January). Sow seeds at a depth that is approximately three times the diameter of the seed, with 20 30cm space between them. Pick them when the … Continue reading

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Taro is also an important variety brought from Polynesia. It is said that it was left here by Kupe for his daughters on the WairarapaCoast. These crop are best planted in Mahuru in wet, boggy, light filtered soil. There are … Continue reading

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Mahi i te Mahi

Whiringa-ā-nuku ( October November) E ngaki ana a mua, e tōtō mai ana a muri. First clear of the weeds, then plant. (If the first group do their work properly, those following can accomplish their task and everyone gets the … Continue reading

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Taewa, Riwai Spuds

Taewa, riwai[1] Taewa, riwai or Māori potatoes are some of the most deeply treasured Māori foods available to us today. Ironically they are not native to Aotearoa or even Polynesia but instead originate from South America . There are 18 … Continue reading

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