research update july 2010

Tino rangatiratanga o ngā Hua Māori!

The Hua Parakore kaupapa goes from strength to strength with the end of the research project now in sight. The closer we get to completion the more the emphasis goes into ensuring that the research delivers outcomes that can be picked up and used by Te Waka Kai Ora to support whanau, hapu, iwi to grow healthy kai. There is a constituency out there awaiting the research outcomes and the research team is having to working hard to meet these expectations. 8 case studies were incorporated into the project last year, which has really stepped up the projects capacity to deliver on the ground outcomes.

A first draft of Hua Parakore was completed in July and will be taken on a ‘hikoi ki te motu’ in September. Te Waka Kai Ora Executive members will present the draft to hui in 10 regions and at the Houses of Parliament in Wellington. We will run pilots of the verification process on our case study farms during the hikoi as well, leaving them with the Hua Parakore tohu on the farm gate! Ensuring that the Hua Parakore is relevant to the regions is essential and feedback from this hikoi will be used to prepare our final draft and report.

“The word ‘organic’ is a strange word – prior to that it was tradition, it was tikanga.”

Tikanga remains the cornerstone of the Hua Parakore kaupapa and getting this right remains an ongoing challenge. We have learnt that we are safest when we have our kaumatua and kuia with us. Ensuring we facilitate a space for the participation of our kaumatua and kuia within the Hua Parakore verification process is a priority for the coming year.

Puritia Ngā Tikanga a o tātou matua tūpuna.


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