Mahi i te Mahi

Whiringa-ā-nuku ( October November)

E ngaki ana a mua, e tōtō mai ana a muri.
First clear of the weeds, then plant. (If the first group do their work properly, those following can accomplish their task and everyone gets the job done.[1]

Make sure you are observing what is happening with your crops. Get in early and start getting rid of the weeds, nurture all new plants by adding manure where needed and you may want to consider doing some companion planting to support your crops. Grass will be growing very fast and you may want to cut it to mulch or use for compost. You may have some edible flowers in and around your vegetable garden that can be collected for drying or using fresh. Subtropical fruit trees will fruit at this time of the year if you are in the North. Now is also the time to mulch the trees you planted last winter.

You can now plant potatoes and corn, pumpkin, beans, lettuce and beetroot seed into trays. Its also time to transplant peppers, tomato, eggplant and melon seedlings into the vege garden, unless its still quite cold and in that case leave it until next month.

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