Ministerial Tautoko for Hua Parakore

Hon. Georgina Te Heuheu receives Māra Kai Kete from Percy Tipene, Chairman Te Waka Kai Ora

The Minister Rt. Hon. Georgina Te Heuheu commended the work of Te Waka Kai Ora in advancing Hua Parakore Tikanga Verification for Mahinga Kai in her address to a consultation hui held in Wellington Turnbull House, Wellington on 16th September 2010.

“In your presentation you cut to the core when you said this is about our families, their healthy living, their wellbeing. Ultimately that is what this is about and so that is why this is important, and that is why we support you.

I understand that never before has Maori organics enjoyed such widespread support amounst stakeholders. I applaud you all for your contribution and encourage everyone in the room to seize the moment and continue to work towards a shared vision. Having said that I do acknowledge that you do not come this far without having worked to a shared vision anyway. And mutual objectives. Kia kaha.

I do acknowledge the importance of it and I do acknowledge that if our families, our communities, our country wants to be both successful and have a measure of well being this is very important. So I congratulate you for it and wish you all the best.”

The Minister carried with her the apologies of the Minister of Maori Affairs Rt. Hon. Pita Sharples and his best wishes for Te Waka Kai Ora in their endeavors.

Follow this link for a full transcription of the Ministers Address.

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