biofarm is Hua Parakore!

Geneva Hildreth presenting Hua Parakore tohu to Cathy Tait-Jamieson

Friday 30th July was a very special day for the Te Waka Kai Ora kaupapa whanau. Te Waka Kai Ora Chairman Percy Tipene and Executive Member Geneva Hildreth made the journey to the Tait-Jamieson whenua in the Manawatu to award them the Hua Parakore tohu. Biofarm have been producing certified organic yogurt and milk on their whanau farm since 1987 and are the first recipients of the the prestigious Hua Parakore label.

Pounamu Skelton and Geneva in the Biofarm dairy

Cathy will be taking the Hua Parakore tohu to an international organic food expo in Australia later in the month as part of the FOMANA Native Trade platform. This special presentation is a forerunner to the Te Waka Kai Ora hikoi ki te motu where other Maori farmers and growers throughout the motu will be recognised as upholding the Hua Parakore kaupapa.

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