aunties have got it right

It is a blessing that the majority of whanau land around the country has never seen synthetic nitrogen or phosphorous fertilizers suggests Australian soil expert Dr. Christine Jones. Synthetic fertilisers switch off signal systems that the plants naturally use to get what they need from soil fungi and bacteria. Plants that are supported by an extensive system of healthy soil fungi and bacteria are found to have higher mineralisation,   increased rates of photosynthesis, increased glucose or brix… In short this translates into healthier food for stock and people, and healthier stock and people. This could explain why our divine senses tell us that Aunties potatoes are better for us, because Aunties soil management system is simply to move her garden to a different part of the garden each year. If there is a scientist in the whanau they can check out Dr. Jones papers & some photographs here ( or look out for one of the talks she is giving in her NZ roadshow here.

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