slow food international teams up with twko

Shayna Bailey from Slow Food international recently visited Aotearoa and teamed up with Pounamu Skelton from Te Waka Kai Ora and Maui Hudson from Universitiy of Waikato on a recent Hikoi to visit local producers and Rongoa Clinics. A successful trip we enjoyed a visit to Endowed College at Hopuhopu to learn about their future plans of a Maori research centre.  Kaiwhenua Organics took care of us with harvesting some Kumara, and sharing their knowledge and inspiration of growing Kai organically.

Shayna presented to Maori businesses at the Matariki Workshop which included Koha partners and learnt more about the situation of where Maori in business are at.

We enjoyed a visit to Rongoa Clinic in rotorua gaining insight into the unique position of traditional practises in Aotearoa.

Our final visit was too Papatuanuku Marae where large community organic gardens are in place and shared by a diverse range of cultures in the community. 

Te Waka Kai Ora and Slow Food share similar values about food and the importance of pure Kai or Huapaparakore.

The  kaupapa of slow food of good, clean and fair food. That food should taste good , be produced in a clean way and does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health, and that food producers should receive a fair price for their work.

for more information on slow food movement check out their website here

Thanks Shayna for sharing your knowledge and time with us.

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1 Response to slow food international teams up with twko

  1. Maria Murphy says:

    Hi guys don’ t miss me out okay? – sounds like I need to join up with you too. At present I am working in the community with the Polynesian groups in organic city farms naturopathic rongoa therapeutic communities project – hey whanau I am needing mentoring big time – I’ll be following you – just finished attending a Enviro Hui in Pikitu Marae South Waikato awesome wairua there. Thank you for keeping me informed with your great works. Arohanui Maria Murphy

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