mounding your vegetables

When you put your seed in, is the ground flat or do you mound?

Depending on the seed.  In the winter time we tend to mound more in the winter time because the ground is quite wet, so it helps to keep the plants a little bit higher.  In the summer time, particularly when it’s really dry like it is now, I think its better that they run level because then there’s not so much moisture lost in the ground because they can lose a lot of their moisture.  It all depends on the stage of their growth as well.  Once they get bigger you start covering the ground around them so they will retain the moisture.  Like many of them haven’t had rain for about two months.  I was sticking the levy down about six inches, it was quite damp.  So it just goes to show that there’s some moisture in the ground.

no Geneva Hildreth, Nga Puhi

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