how to store your riwai

It’s been a trial and error for us over the years.  We’ve lost quite a few just through trialling different methods of storage.  In sugar sacks is good, however, as you probably know, when they start sprouting, they’ll go through the sugar bag and you tend to damage them too much trying to get them out of the bag.  So what we’ve gone to is the plastic crates.  They’re nice and easy to handle, they’re not banging against each other.  So they’re in a crate and you just lift them in and out of the storage room.

The storage area is a lot of bins that are wide enough to kind of reach across.  So they’re not too wide and they’re not too deep that you can’t get in to see.  They’re wooden bins and what my partner did is drill a whole lot of air holes so the air can get through so there’s good free air flow.  So they’re dry and got lots of air so rodents can’t get in.  And they like dark as well, and cool.  Cool, dark conditions.

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