how do you stop your peruperu cross-pollinating?

Yes, there’s lots of theories about that.  One of the theories that we heard is that the uenuku which is the neutraliser so you plant the uenuku between the other varieties.  They say there’s more risk of cross-pollination if they flower, so sometimes we might take the flowers off but that doesn’t happen too often.  But generally we try and keep them separate.  The riwai don’t actually have a lot of flowers, interestingly enough.

The peruperu?

The peru themselves actually don’t have a lot of flowers.  So they’re not strong flower plants.

So have you trialled planting the ureneka in between your varieties?

Oh yeah, we do that every year.

And have you found that it’s worked?

Yeah.  So far.  So far we’ve had no problem with cross-pollinations.  The biggest issue is when you’re havesting to make sure you know when you go to put them away, what you’re putting away.  So we name everything, so everythings got a name.

no Geneva Hildreth, Nga Puhi

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