three dreaded weeds

I think for me anyhow, there are three weeds that primarily are my biggest out there.  Up North we have a lot of concriea and it’s weeds like concriea that are quite invasive, so they’ll start here and you can find them about 6 metres away.  So it’s those ones that are really, really invasive that are hard to…  Once you’ve got control, you’re okay.  So concriea is one.  So it’s just a matter of pulling it out, keep pulling it out.  It will burn out, but you need to keep pulling them out.


The other one is my dreaded one.  I have two dreaded ones at the moment.  Oxalis.  Oxalis has tiny wee bulbs, so if you don’t get them all out they keep coming out all over the garden.  They’ve got a pretty pink flower and a pretty yellow flower.  But Oxalis is a pretty dreaded weed.


Now what was the third one? Onehunga. That’s in the lawn and not in the garden.  In the lawn.  Onehunga, you know the onehunga weed, the thistle weed in the lawn and the kids run out there and they jump a million miles in the air because they can be quite painful.  But we’ve now found the solution for that, lime.  It’s as simple as that.  I used to spend hours sitting on my bucket digging them out.  So now, lime.

So those are the three dreaded weeds.  Everything else is manageable really.  Well it is about that, it is about managing and knowing that some weeds that are actually good like the plantain, the dock and weeds like that are quite good ‘cause they throw deep roots down so they draw the moisture out.  So they can be quite good.  Purapura are good weeds ‘cause they’re kai weeds.  And the dandelion.

No Geneva Hildreth, Nga Puhi

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