getting started

I guess because our garden, our maara isn’t virgin as such, it’s been used before, but generally what we would do is we would start looking at doing a plan of where we’re going to be planting and what we’re going to be planting and where.  We would be sourcing our seeds and making sure that we have the seed to go in.  We’d then start looking at preparing the soil so we are fortunate that in the past we have had a big tractor and a rotary hoe that we’ve used to rotary hoe the soil up.  Now that we’ve downsized, we’re just going to be using a small hand rotary hoe, which doesn’t go so deep into the whenua.  So it’s quite a little shallow rotary hoe.  Once we’ve done that we would let it burn off and so any weeds that might’ve accumulated over the winter period, we would let them burn off and then we’d start preparing the rows in the ground.

no Geneva Hildreth, Nga Puhi

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