te matarau national conference whanganui, march 2009

“If you were to look at the health impediments of our country who is at the top of the list? Māori. We are at the top of the list because we don’t understand ourselves. Research is about understanding Māori technology and Māori technology starts with ourselves, understanding what makes us tick. We go around with our own laboratory. If we look at our environment and see that cow can turn grass into milk we need to have a good look and understand the values within that. You don’t need a laboratory, you can do it in the paddock.  The old people did not eat the pigeon because it was pigeon but because of the seed the pigeon had eaten and the flavouring the seed had given to the meat. It is this thinking of our old people that we need to reflect back to.”  Matua Percy Tipene

Link to Te Matarau Māori Development and Health Organisation here.

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